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Starbuzz Unicus 1.0 (1 Hose) Hookah - Purple

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Product Details
Style: Purple
The Starbuzz Unicus hookah lives up to this standard of uniqueness, delivering one-of-a-kind performance and looks. Surprisingly, you get all this in a remarkably small and inexpensive package.
Featuring a 72" long wood-tipped hookah hose which, like the ceramic hookah bowl, is matched to the base, the 17" tall Unicus hookah pipe appreciates your desire for presenting a well put together package. The base blends frosted and etched elements, while at the core a massive down-stem ensures massive thunder cloud production.
From top to bottom, the Unicus by Starbuzz serves up a great hookah experience, whether you're smoking it or just admiring how it looks on your shelf.
Note: You must be 21 years or of age older to purchase this product

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