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Firefly Clay Hookah Bowl -

In stock
Product Details
Style: Pink Spots
  • Height = 3"
  • Diameter = 3.25"
  • Holds = 15-25 grams*
  • Designed for foil use or with an HMD
*Depending on how you pack it.

Everyone climb aboard, get ready to set sail, and prepare to experience serenity. The Firefly hookah bowl is another fantastic entry level hookah bowl option that features a vortex style spire design. The raised spire means that all that flavor will stay in the bowl rather than in your base or stem. Made from clay, the Firefly bowl will heat up nicely providing an even, smooth smoke during your hookah session.

The features don't stop there. The Firefly also has a built in "lip" that is designed to securely hold a heat management device, such as the Kaloud Lotus 2, in place, allowing your mind to be at ease while smoking. Lastly, the Firefly is a "speckled" hookah bowl, featuring a solid black glaze underneath with splattered glaze on top to create a unique aesthetic on each bowl.
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